Your goal is a financially secure and comfortable retirement. Plain and simple, the books, advice columns, radio and TV programs on retirement planning rely on outdated notions of what retirement means in the twenty-first century.

I want to get you thinking about yourself. What do you like to do and how would you like to spend your retirement years? While that may seem elementary it may be more of a challenge than you imagine.

If you have spent the last 30-40 years working and now you suddenly find yourself faced with years and years of free time ahead, filling that time in a way that you will be fulfilled is going to be more difficult than you may project.

Second, once you’ve determined how you’d like to spend your retirement years, the investment side of the book comes into play. Together, we’ll figure out how to pay for the retirement you envision, using a globally diversified investment portfolio. Find out how you can take charge of your retirement.